Collection Inspiration // SS17

Building off the sculptural, organic shapes of the core collection, Amanda brings a hit of slick color for SS17. Inspired by Calder’s brightly colored biomorphic shapes, Chamberlain’s wild and expressionistic application of automobile paint, and the heat of Wesselmann’s “Sunset Nude with Big Palm Tree”, pearls have been sawed in half to share space with a half round of smooth enamel in Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, or Fire Red. The pairing of glossy color with spare and modern forms adds a poppy and dynamic element to layer in with our core pieces.

Situate a smattering of rings in a variety of colors and pearl sizes across fingers, hang an enamel drop earring from a choker to create a work of mid-century sculpture, or throw the enamel centerpiece from our lariat to hang down the back – the collection was designed to be highly convertible – to be layered and combined to create multiple looks. Curving bypass rings and bracelets can be worn individually, or slipped together for stronger statements, and can be layered into a wearer’s existing collection with ease. Most earrings are sold individually, so that they can be combined as the wearer sees fit – pearl with enamel drop, spike with pearl, and the pearl backs fit on any post to change up even the most classic of studs.

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